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Celebration of Life

Dates and Times of Upcoming Funerals

Jim Noyes
Funeral Mass:
Friday, May 24, 2024, at 4:30 p.m. 

Art Del Rey
Funeral Mass:
Friday, June 14, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. 

Bud (Frank) Castor
Funeral Mass:
Saturday, July 6, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. 

Funerals at Holy Angels Church

Dear Family, 

We are very sorry for your loss. This is a difficult time for you, and we hope that the funeral rites the Catholic Church provides will be a comfort to you. We offer you these brief guidelines for a Catholic funeral at Holy Angels. One of our Bereavement Team will be contacting you to assist you in planning the funeral. 

The Funeral 

Commonly a Catholic funeral is celebrated within the context of a Mass. There are, however, occasions when, for various reasons, people prefer to have what is known as a “Funeral Liturgy Outside of Mass.”  This is a different prayer service, consisting of readings and prayers and the blessing of the remains; Holy Communion is not given. If you would rather have this service, please ask the bereavement minister. 
Ordinarily, a funeral Mass is offered for the repose of a soul. Some families prefer to choose the readings and the hymns, participate by doing the readings, and carry the gifts at Mass. Others prefer to leave that all up to us. If you would like to select readings for the Mass, the bereavement minister will review a list and help you make selections. If you want to choose sacred music, our music minister, Dr. Jose Soto, will help you. Or you can leave it up to him. The bereavement minister will contact you about music and other funeral mass details. 


The proper place for “eulogies” is not the Mass. This is better done within the context of a vigil at the funeral parlor the evening before or at the reception following the Mass. We will, however, permit a few brief words of remembrance at the end of the Mass, NOT MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. We ask that you please respect this. Please give the name of the one who will be speaking. Absolutely no “open mike”! 


Flowers are a welcome addition to the Mass. Afterward, we invite you to consider leaving some of the arrangements at the church in memory of your loved one, except during Lent. 
A few flower arrangements are beautiful. A forest of arrangements is not necessarily more beautiful and can add up to an astronomical expense. Many families opt to ask people to give “in lieu of flowers” to a particular charity in the deceased person’s memory. The City of Hope is a popular choice. So is Holy Angels Church! And it is much appreciated, no matter where the donation goes. Pictures 

If you would like to bring a large portrait of your loved ones, we have a nice stand to display beautifully in front of the sanctuary for the Mass. Some families also like to put together a collage or two of snapshots. If you decide to do this, we have two simple stands and can display these in an appropriate place, inside the vestibule next to the guest book. Guest Book  Usually, the mortuary provides a guest book for people to sign as they enter or exit the church. We place this on a podium by the door. 

FOR THE MUSIC: $200.00
TOTAL to Holy Angels Church: $700.00 

A monetary gift to the priest is also appropriate and very much appreciated. 
May God bless you and bring peace to your heart at this difficult time.