Called to Renew Campaign

We have started our Solar Carport Project with EMCOR and the Archdiocese Construction Department.

We have significantly improved our school building and roof with a fresh coat of paint and repairs. We are now working with EMCOR, a leading engineering and design company, to create solar carports that will benefit the parish and the school. We are finalizing an agreement with Edison, our power provider before we submit our plans to the City of Arcadia. This project involves many steps and takes time, but we are confident it will be worth it.

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our Landmark Goal of $2,250,000 thanks to your generous donations! This is an amazing accomplishment for Holy Angels! We are grateful for everyone who has supported our campaign, our ambassadors, and everyone who is making this possible! We would love to have everyone on board. So far, only 222 families have participated. Will you join us today? Your contribution will help us with many projects, such as installing solar carports, fixing the parking lot, and renovating the Gathering Center.

We have finished repairing the School Building Roof. 

We have finished painting the School Building

Pictures as of August 11

Pictures as of August 4

Pictures as of July 28

Pictures as of July 21

Pictures as of July 14

Pictures as of July 7

Pictures as of June 29

Called to Renew
A Historic Campaign for Holy Angels
You are invited to join us in strengthening our parish, school, and ministries through a landmark campaign.
Why We Need Your Support
We are all called to renew our spirit and our faith in God. The Called to Renew campaign allows us to renovate our facilities to ensure they are safe spaces for families to learn, grow, and worship.
How You Can Help
We have already raised over 100% of our initial goal of $1,330,000. Thank you for your generosity and support!
Now we need your help to reach our landmark goal of $2,250,000. All funds raised from here on out will stay at Holy Angels and go towards:
  • Solar carport & chargers for electric vehicles
  • Parking lot repairs
  • Paint and repair the exterior of the school building
  • Gathering Center renovation
  • Upgrade the phone system
  • New carpet in the church
  • Waterproof the church basement
  • Several repairs that the convent needs (Religious Ed. Building)
How You Can Get Involved
Our Ambassadors (volunteer parishioners) are contacting families to explain the campaign and answer your questions. Please welcome their invitation to meet with open hearts. You may also click here to create a new pledge. 
Please pray for the campaign's success and consider participating in this historic campaign.
Together we can make a difference in our parish community!
We have a list of projects that will enhance our church and school. Your generous donations will help us achieve these goals.
Called to Renew Video

Donate today by clicking here. Please select Holy Angels Parish - Arcadia (P453). Thank you for your support. 

Campaign Prayer

God of love and God of life,
We thank You for your blessings.
Especially the gift of life and the gift of faith.
Father, give us wisdom and courage
and guide us as we call Your family
here in Los Angeles to renewal.
Help us to raise up a new generation of missionary disciples to proclaim the good news of Your mercy and to serve our
brothers and sisters in need.
Fill us with Your Spirit,
that we might call Your sons and daughters
to be priests and deacons and consecrated religious to dedicate their lives to You;
that we might call Your Church to bring healing
to the sick and love to the poor and those in prison; that we might call our young people
to seek Your beautiful plan for their lives.
Father, give us all new excitement to follow Jesus
and to serve You with all our hearts and all our strength. Increase our faith and give us confidence to offer You our gifts, our talents and our treasure —
that we might find our true treasure in heaven with You.
Trusting in the tender love of our Blessed Mother,
Queen of the Angels, we ask all this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.