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Holy Angels Church

In-Car Holy Communion Procession Sunday 8:30 to 9:30 AM

"In-Car" Holy Communion Procession

Sunday, August 16
8:30am to 9:30am 
Driving through Holy Angels Parking Lot
If you are sick or symptomatic (fever, cough, fatigue, etc.), or you have been in contact with someone who is sick or symptomatic in the last 2 weeks, please remain at home.
We are happy to offer the gift of the Eucharist to all our parishioners!
Everyone must follow the guidelines below to receive Communion. 
1.  Enter the parking lot from Holly Avenue.
2.  Follow the signs and the orange cones in the parking lot.
3.  All those to receive Holy Communion must wear masks inside the car.
4.  You must remain inside your car at all times.
5.  As you approach the Communion stations, you will be asked to open your windows and receive sanitizer for your hands.  You must sanitize your hands before receiving Holy Communion.  
6.  Holy Communion may be received only in the hand.
7.  Eucharistic Ministers, wearing masks, will be on both sides of each car to distribute Communion.
8.  After receiving Holy Communion, lower your mask to consume the Eucharist.  Keep your mask on until you have pulled away.
9.  Drive out of the parking lot.
10. Watch Mass at home.  
Reminder:  The church and facilities will not be open.  No restrooms will be available. 

OUTDOOR MASS, SUNDAY, August 16 at 7:15pm

  • We ask all attendees to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water before leaving home. 
  • We will provide sanitizer for your hands when you enter the gate.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before Mass to accommodate the check-in process. No admittance after 7:15 pm.
  • Each individual, ages 2 and up, will be required to wear a face mask. You must wear your face mask for the entire time that you are on Holy Angels campus and during the entire Mass. (The mask must cover your nose and mouth.)
  • Physical distance must be respected at all times. Everyone must follow the ushers’ directions and keep a minimum 6 feet of physical distance at all times.
  • The collection basket will be at the entrance gate for your donation.
  • You will be directed to your chair by an usher – you must sit where you are directed. You may not choose your own seat.
  • Ushers will direct you at Communion time.
  • Communion will be administered at the end of Mass with your masks in place.
  • You will approach the Minister with your mask in place – hold your hands in front of you to receive the Body of Christ. Then you will move 6 feet to the side (in the marked spot), consume the host, and exit the area to return to your car. You will not return to your chair.
  • Communion will ONLY be given in the hand.
  • There will be no congregating or socializing after the Mass. People are to go directly to their cars and return home.
  • No restroom facilities will be open at this time.

The Archdiocese following the protocols of medical authorities has given us the guidelines above that we must follow for the health and safety of others.

We encourage anyone in a vulnerable population, including those with chronic health conditions, to come to the In-Car Communion Procession on Sunday morning and to watch a televised or Livestream Mass from the safety of their homes.  

The dispensation to attend Sunday Mass continues until further notice.



Confessions - The Sacrament of Reconciliation

The  Sacrament of  Reconciliation (Confession) 
is available on Saturdays
from 3:30pm until 4:30pm 
See posted signs for location
Masks must be worn.  
Physical distancing protocols must be followed.

Father Kevin's Homilies

When You Fall
August 9, 2020

We all fall during life.  Each time we do, we lose something, but we also gain something.

Dear Holy Angels. To limit the spread of Covid-19, we are working remotely from home, but we are here for you over the phone, email, and social media. Today, more than ever, your church needs your financial help. Please click "Online Giving" to donate. 

Mass Livestream, Sunday, August 9th


Yes, you read that correctly.... 107 years old!

You may recognize Caridad from the Saturday 5pm Mass which she attended faithfully with her daughters until the pandemic.

Caridad Papa was born on August 14, 1913, in the Philippines. 
She raised 5 children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters.
She has 15 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren and 
2 great-great-grandchildren. 
Caridad has been a parishioner of Holy Angels since 1983. 
She attributes her good health and long life to God for 
blessing her with a loving family and a deep abiding faith. 
The greatest milestone of her life was receiving a personal blessing from Pope John Paul II 
in 1998 on a pilgrimage to Rome.   
Caridad has now lived through 2 pandemics!

May the Lord bless her on her August 14th     birthday and throughout the year.  

Outdoor Confirmation Service

We celebrated our first Outdoor Confirmation on Wednesday, August 5th, here at Holy Angels. Our Year 2 Confirmation students will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation that had to be postponed from May due to the pandemic. We are having 3 Confirmation services for our young adults and it was a joy to see the first group receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit under the evening sky!

Religious Education and Confirmation Registration

Elementary Religious Education (Grades 1-5) classes will be done virtually through Zoom through at least February 2021.   The registration link is below.  The registration form can be filled out online and will be sent directly to the Religious Education office.  Families will receive specific information about each class in early September.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year of growing in faith!

Religious Education 2020 to 2021

Confirmation Year 1 and Year 2 classes will be done virtually through Zoom through January 2021.  The registration link is below.  The form can be filled out online and will be sent directly to the Confirmation office.  Specific information about Year 1 and Year 2 classes will be sent to registered families in early September.  

Confirmation 2020 to 2021

Middle School (Grades 6-8) will not be meeting this year.



Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

The following liturgies will be streamed live from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels:

8:00 AM (English)
7:00 AM (Spanish)
10:00 AM (English)

Click on the video screen below to view the current stream, or scroll down for additional viewing options through our social media platforms.


Hello Father Kevin 

As you know, the recent pandemic has had a devastating impact all around the world. In the Holy Land specifically, our Christian brothers and sisters have been suffering due to the lack of tourism during these times. The authorities are not allowing any visitors into the Holy Land due to safety concerns and that has devastated the economy. They are no longer able to sell their beautiful hand made olive wood carvings. Because of that, many of our brothers and sisters have been out of work for several months. On top of that, we have also been unable to visit parishes and sell their products as we usually would. So, to further assist them and achieve our goal of keeping a Christian presence in the Holy Land, we have created a website to sell their religious olive wood products online. We would like to ask your assistance by promoting our website in your bulletin for the church community. We hope that with your help, we can continue to make a difference and support our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. 

Website is  www.BethlehemArtWorks.net 

Thank you and God Bless!

Pray for our Deceased Members

We pray for our beloved deceased parishioners, family, and friends.

  • Lowell Lachelt
  • Joe Hannigan, father of Amy Mandrola
  • Cindy Bacon
  • Anita Galono
  • Josephine Villegas, mother of Terry Glen
  • Deacon Bruce Sago
  • Rick Aveni
  • Teresita Ordonez
  • Jerry Canzoneri

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of Christ, rest in peace.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." - Psalm 116:15


The Great Realisation

A bedtime story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020.

Sunday Masses on TV

Catholics can find a listing of available live streams and broadcasts of Masses in the Archdiocese at lacatholics.org/mass-for-the-homebound so that they may pray at home with their families during this time of pandemic.

Strong in the Face of Tribulation

Our Holy Father has been the model of strength and compassion during this pandemic.  He has offered us breathtaking liturgies, heartfelt homilies, memorable social media posts, and multiple resources for prayer.  He has offered courageous leadership to his Church and to the world.

Now the Vatican is offering a 192-page digital book for a FREE download -- Strong in the Face of Tribulation: The Church in Communion – A Support in Time of Trial.  It is a collection of the Pope’s homilies, prayers, and messages.  You may access the book at this link:


Vatican Media Live

Pope Francis Prayer to Protect the World

O Mary, you always shine on our path as a sign
of salvation and of hope. We entrust ourselves to you, 
Health of the Sick, who at the cross took part in 
Jesus' pain, keeping your faith firm. You, 
Salvation of the Faithful, know what we need, 
and we are sure you will provide so that, 
as in Cana of Galilee, we may return to joy 
and to feasting after this time of trial. 

Help us, Mother of Divine Love, to conform 
to the will of the Father and to do as we are 
told by Jesus, who has taken upon himself 
our sufferings and carried our sorrows to lead us, 
through the cross, to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.

Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God. 
Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, 
abut deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.

Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us. 

Dear Holy Angels. To limit the spread of Covid-19, we are working remotely from home, but we are here for you over the phone, email, and social media. Today, more than ever, your church needs your financial help. Please click "Online Giving" to donate. 

Dear Holy Angels!

This is the church of the catacombs!  We are asked to stay inside our homes, for our own protection and the protection of others.  This is extremely vital, and we ask that you all do that.

But it is also a time to rediscover the home, to rediscover the hidden beauty of a life of intimate prayer, to rediscover God in the silence.  Free from the usual distractions of daily life, this can be a real moment of grace for us if we allow it to be.  Let the home become our church, a real house of prayer.

This time of the catacombs is also a time to think of others.  We have time now perhaps to reach out to people we have not spoken to in a long time.  Physical visits are not possible, but, thanks to telephones and computers, we can establish wonderful contact with people who are dear to us, or with people who need us.  Let us think of those who most need our love right now.  This, too, can be a moment of grace for us, if we allow it to be.

This is also an ideal time to reconnect with ourselves!  In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we often do not take time for ourselves.  Sometimes we, consciously or unconsciously, actually run away from ourselves, avoid time by ourselves, avoid encounters with the person in the mirror.  When we go on retreat, we are brought back into contact with that person.  This time of isolation is also a time of retreat, a real-time of grace.  Let us use it well, and let us get to know the person we find in the mirror.

Let us not allow this time to become a time of fear or a time of panic.  Let us rather allow it to be for us a time of grace, a time of strength, a time for opening our hearts to love.  Let us allow God to enter in!


United in prayer,

Fr. Kevin

Office Hours (Remotely by Phone 626-447-1671)

Monday through Friday 
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.



Livestream Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


The  Sacrament of  Reconciliation (Confession) 
will be available this Saturday, August 2, 
from 3:30pm until 4:30pm 
See posted signs for location
Masks must be worn.  
Physical distancing protocols must be followed.




There are no upcoming scheduled events.


As a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, Holy Angels parishioners are committed to continuing the Lord's work and making Him known to all.  We accept the challenge to be a community dedicated to worship, education, service, caring for each other and mutual respect.  We foster growth and welcome change while embracing our Catholic traditions.

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