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Dear Holy Angels!

These are extraordinarily difficult times for most of us.  The virus has infected and killed many, many thousands of people throughout the world.  These are not numbers.  Not statistics merely.  These are someone's mother, someone's son, someone's wife, grandchild or friend.  These include dozens of priests in Italy, like Father Giuseppe Berardelli, who, we are told, selflessly gave up his ventilator so that a younger person could have it and live.  

It is not only those infected by the disease itself whose lives have been impacted.  This period of the fight against the spread of the disease has also resulted in extreme financial hardship for many.  I think of my many friends who worked as waiters in restaurants, struggling to support a family; suddenly now there are no more restaurants and everything is finished for them.  That is just one of the many, many examples of the desperate situation so many are now finding themselves in.

Let us be compassionate and generous toward all those we know who are suffering hardship at this time -- and even toward those we don't know, but notice.  A little kindness goes a long way in desperate times.  And an extraordinary act of unexpected generosity can quite literally mean the difference between life and death.

One thinks of so many people and so many places not being able to make it through these times.  Some of those restaurants likely will never open again.  Some of those small businesses that have been such a part of our lives may well go under, forever.  These are not buildings, these are not numbers; these are people.  These are a part of us.

One very important part of us that we now really need to remember is our parish.  Holy Angels is a vital part of our lives.  Consider now that the material life-blood of our parish is almost completely cut off, now that there are no Sunday Masses, no Sunday collections, no income at all.  We have never experienced anything like this.  No one has.  Very, very soon we, too, will go under if we do not have your help.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help us through these desperate times!!!!  Help us out with as much or as little as you can.  Certainly continue to keep alive your parish family with your regular weekly support.  But if you are able, PLEASE consider giving an extraordinary gift as well.  These are not ordinary times!  We will rely on your extraordinary generosity.  Keep Holy Angels alive!

It is now easier than ever to make your gift online.  Please go to the parish website and you will see the button that will direct you.  While you are there, it is a good time to visit our website, read the letters, listen to the homilies, participate in Holy Mass from the cathedral, and stay connected with your parish family.

Help us, PLEASE HELP US, to remain alive.  For all of us.

God bless you for your extraordinary generosity in all its extraordinary forms!
Fr. Kevin

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