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Confirmation completes the initiation process begun at Baptism.  It affirms those confirmed as believers continuing their lifelong journey of faith and service to the community.  Its purpose is to confirm faith in, acceptance of, and hope in Jesus Christ, person, God, Savior, and Redeemer.

The goals of Confirmation are:

  1. to foster, in the confirmed, faith in Jesus as Lord, through Scripture, prayer, and life experience;
  2. to invite the confirmed to fully participate in the traditions of the Catholic community both through the development of one's community, and through worship;
  3. to empower the confirmed to adopt a lifestyle of service in God's Kingdom of justice and peace.

For youth of high school age, please call the Holy Angels Youth Office at (626) 446-0979 for more information.

For adults seeking Confirmation, please call the Christian Initiation Office at (626) 446-2804for more information.