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lb01dm0d9l5p5s6xhn9i5sgpo9l.pngCongratulations on your engagement!  A wedding is one of those rare moments in life when you gather with all the people you cherish and, in doing so, express what it means to be in love.  Consequently, your marriage is much more than the exchange of vows and rings.  It is a sacramental union ritualized with symbols, music, family, friends, and the rich traditions of the Church.

We speak of marriage as a Sacrament.  Our faith tells us, "God is Love."  By your being in love, God dwells with you.  We believe that the love you share in marriage is a sign to all of the presence of God in your union as a married couple.

Before any plans are made, couples must make arrangements through the rectory at least six months prior to their proposed wedding day.  Please call the Parish Office at (626) 447-1671.  No wedding date will be reserved until a priest has been confirmed to preside at your wedding.   

At least one party must be a baptized Catholic, Baptism Certificates must be recently issued within the 6 months of your wedding date. Confirmation Certificates also required.

The rectory Wedding Documents Coordinator will give you important information about marriage preparation programs, wedding procedures, and requirements.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We want to assist you as you prepare for one of the most wonderful experiences of human life: celebrating your love in marriage and God's presence in your lives.