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Holy Angels School Videos

The Stations of the Cross by Our 4th Grade Class

Holy Angels Benefit 2021

6th Grade - Stations of the Cross


Principal Aimee Dyrek's Virtual Office. Click on the objects of the virtual office to learn about Mrs. Dyrek's personally, and Holy Angels professionally.

Holy Angels School Update 8.14.2020

Holy Angels School Update 7.25.2020


Happy Summer Holy Angels!

Angels Got Talent Day 2

Holy Angels 2020 Diploma and Tassel Celebration

Angels Got Talent Day 1 2020

Holy Angels 2020 Virtual Graduation


Happy Mothers Day!


Holy Angels Morning Announcements 4/9/2020 Holy Thursday

Shoutouts! Riddles, Prayers, Pledges, and a beautiful message from Father Kevin!


Prayer, Joking, Animals and more! Sorry for the delay. Subscribe!

Holy Angels Morning Announcements 4.7.2020

The Pledge with Jack, Prayers, Pets, Athletes, and the Best Tips Ever on Washing Your Hands!

Holy Angels Morning Announcements 4/6/2020

Holy Week, Sports Week, Shoutouts, Early Education, First Responders, Creative Kids, Kind Families and a Bird for Pet of the Day! A long announcement, but worth it!

Archbishop Gomez Extends Gratitude to Catholic School Teachers
April 3, 2020

Holy Angels Morning Announcements April 3, 2020

Prayers, shoutouts to those in the medical field, piano playing, a cute dog, next week's theme and more!

Holy Angels Morning Announcements April 2.2020

One take, in the front yard... listen to the birds chirping in the background! Turtle of the Day, Chicken of the Day? Prayers and more!

Morning Announcements Wacky Tacky Wednesday!

Happy April 1st 2020 Holy Angels! Check out the piano playing and head shaving videos. Also, 2 new pets to celebrate and to awesome moms! Prayers, pledges and questions to ponder...you want to stay for the entire video and see Isaac!

Holy Angels Morning Announcements 3.31.2020

Well, today I am coming to you from my backyard with my special guest host, Cabbie. We have prayers, award winners, shout outs and more! Remember tomorrow is Wacky Tacky Wednesday!

Holy Angels Morning Announcement March 30, 2020

Prayers, the Pledge, and so many Pets! Big Announcement... this Wednesday is Wacky Tacky Wednesday. A shout out to our parents working in the medical field! And I another new beanie on! God Bless!

A Message from Fr. Kevin

Holy Angels Stations of the Cross 3.27.2020

Enjoy the children presenting the Stations of the Cross with Principal Dyrek. The illustrations are made by the second grade class of Holy Angles School! COVID-19 will not stop the families from worshiping during Lent. 47 school families attended this virtual time of prayer.

Holy Angles Morning Announcements 3.27.2020

A song from Jazlin and Jayden, a new challenge, more pets, prayers and some calming tips from Stella and her mom!

Holy Angels Morning Announcements 3.26.2020

Pictures from Crazy Hair and Crazy Hat Day. Reminders about Rosary and Stations. A new "Pet of the Day" and much more!

Holy Angels Announcements 3.25.2020

Crazy Hat and Crazy Hair Day! Check out the codes for our virtual Rosary Tuesday at 8AM, Our Stations of the Cross Friday at 4PM and Our Concert tonight at 7PM. Thank you, Anthony, for letting me borrow your cool hat!

Holy Angels School Morning Announcements Tuesday 3.24.2020

A shout out to our 7th grade Scientists! A great joke for Cristiano! And an appearance from our student body President and Vice President!