On August 16 the City of Arcadia's Development Services Department approved the design for Phase 1 of our facilities Master Plan.   This exciting planning approval is for the modernization of the hall and the needed repair and improvements to the school roof and facade. 


There are other steps necessary to start construction, we are confident that we will meet all of the requirements.  Some steps can overlap others but all must be met in order to complete our project. 


Here are some of the key milestones necessary to start construction:


Complete       Start Entitlement/Schematic Design Phase

Complete       Submit for Design Review, City of Arcadia

Complete       Design Review Complete

Scheduled      Financial Approval from the Archdiocesan Finance Department

Scheduled      Approval from the Archdiocesan Building Commission

Pending         Start Design Development Phase (upon approval of Design Review)

Complete Design Development Phase

Start Construction Documents Phase

Complete Construction Documents Phase

Submit for Building Permit

Issue Bid Documents (following initial plan check comments)

Permit Approved

Receive bids

Start Construction



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