To see Holy Angels’ needs met, and to make our vision a reality will take prayer, commitment and generosity on the part of our parish family and friends.

Our parish is dynamic, always changing and always growing, currently serving over 3,700 registered families, and operating over 30 ministries. Holy Angels is a busy place, with meetings and events taking place every day. Space for events and gatherings is entirely too difficult to arrange. Our mid-20th-Century facilities present severe challenges as we begin the second decade of the 21st Century.

The needs are clear. A study was undertaken, and a comprehensive Master Plan formulated, that will address these needs, now and into the future.

With most of our campus buildings well over sixty years old, our facilities are not up to current safety, technology, accessibility or appearance standards. And, as our campus has evolved in a piece-by-piece manner, it has resulted in a disconnected collection of administrative and activity spaces.

Our first priority is to renovate and expand Monsignor Walsh Hall, our parish’s only large indoor gathering space (see above left). A new entry lobby and modern restroom facilities will be created along the West side of the Hall. The usable space within the Hall will be expanded to the North, allowing for additional seating. The kitchen will be completely renovated with a user-friendly design that will create ideal conditions for meal preparation and for use by Parish ministries. Msgr. Walsh Hall upgrades will include updated audio/video systems, new heating and cooling, enhanced lighting, improved access and furniture for a variety of parish uses. These upgrades will make Msgr. Walsh Hall a modern and versatile home for various Parish activities. Also included in our first phase, will be the renovation of our education buildings’ roofs and roof facades (see elevations, above right).

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Our goal for the initial phase is to raise a minimum of $1.5 million in parishioner contributions to complete (Phase 1A) the Msgr. Walsh Hall renovation and expansion, as well as the new roof and roof facade for the Education Building.

Building Milestones